Janitorial Cleaning Gainsville GA

Looking for a quality janitorial cleaning Gainsville GA? Consider this checklist

It helps when a business facility makes a comprehensive evaluation before hiring a company that provides janitorial cleaning Gainsville GA. Doing so increases the chances of finding a service provider that can offer top quality cleaning results.

The following checklist is aimed at giving useful insights that can serve as a guide when looking for some prospects:

  • Check the prospect if it carries general liability insurance, which protects a business from issues like damage to property by cleaner
  • Make sure that cleaning technicians are bonded so that a business is protected in the event a dispute arises such as when the janitorial company does not deliver the service that is agreed.
  • Cleaning technicians should have been background checked so that a customer is assured that those who are sent for janitorial cleaning Gainsville GA are qualified because their track records show it.
  • See to it that a prospective janitorial service company has a clear and transparent pricing, so that when its quote is compared with that of other service providers, a customer can easily spot the difference (or similarity), which is key to a more effective decision-making.
  • Check a prospective janitorial service company’s quality control program – does it meet the expectation? How does the janitorial cleaning company keep the standard of quality? This could include checklist on the type of cleaning solutions used, the protocol followed when cleaning (e.g. janitors should always wear cleaning gear), among others.
  • Ask for a list of their previous and current clients; these clients can provide useful information (feedback) that can be crucial to the decision making process — on whether to hire that particular company or not
  • Ask about the area of specialization or field of expertise; the prospect can be asked which type of facilities they commonly clean (the area of specialization should match with the type of business you have)
  • Check if they have a green cleaning option; a customer should ask this not because it is a trend in the commercial cleaning industry, but because it offers a healthier option for one’s business.

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